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What's The Best Paladin Race WoW MoP ?




As we know,Paladins have the ability to perform all three roles in World of Warcraft:DPS, tanking, and healing.It is a high damage class, especially when leveling, with low downtime and high survivability. In Mists of Pandaria, before we get into details on the Paladin races, let’s briefly discuss what's the best paladin race in wow MoP and what race suits you most.


Dwarfs are nice for there Stoneform the extra 10% armor and wow gold every 2mins for a few seconds and mace specialization but that's about it. They do however have the most base stamina. Dwarf gives stoneform, which is great. For ret, you've got the exp bonus if you can run a mace, but youre at the mercy of the current loot table if a mace is viable or not.


Human is all but useless for both prot and ret PvE (there are a few exceptions where Everyman comes to the rescue) but is godmode for PvP. Human gets sword specialization and mace specialization wow mop gold (only 3 expertise to dwarf 5 from mace) that increases your chance of it being used since you don't need to only use mace to benefit from the racial.


Draenei gains the 1% hit rating, but that can be gained from any Draenei in group. Gift of the Naaru for an extra HoT but can only be used once every 3 minutes. Draenei also has the highest base intellect. Draenei gives the most versatility for both specs IMO, though dwarf is quite close. For ret, Draenei gives 1% hit and for prot you've got GotN, which is nothing to sneeze at.


Blood Elf. Arcane Torrent is more valuable to us for its mana replenishment as opposed to the silence effect.  Reduction in chance to be hit by spells is nice, but in end game content, it’s rarely needed. However, if Horde is your hearts desire, then this is the only Paladin class available currently. Tauren will gain access to the Paladin class in MoP.


In fact, each paladin race have the strong points while doing dps,pve or tankings.It all depends on which paladin race you choose to make it as the best paladin race in MoP. More information about wow mop news or buy wow mop gold guide can be found at , if you have interest,take a look there.

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