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Which Rogue Class In MoP Does The Most DPS ?



The new expansion Mists of Pandaria will surely prove more fun for rogues. Most likely, Rogues will perform the 'highest melee dps' however they can only wear leather armour and greatly rely on the cool down's and timing is essential. Which rogue class in MoP does the most dps ?

Rogues are the king of DPS and are the model Blizzard uses to base other classes DPS on. Take for example a warrior, they may not perform the highest dps but they can where plate armour for wow gold, which is the best form of armour in the game. Choose the class which appeals to you and best suit's your play style.

Destro is basically spamming 20 incinerates to get off one 3 sec Chaos Bolt. It can't even chain burst CB + Shadowburn that much because of how hard it is to gather embers in a competitive arena. It has the worst mobility, even worse than Arcane. And we know how Arcane looks like in MoP.

Rogues are made to be top of the dps meters, although they often get beaten by casters at content, but thats usually due to the casters being better geared.

So arms has hardly been top dps "as always". Fury on the other hand until it was nerfed and arms surpassed it has been good dps spec though just not at the moment compared to some of the other specs.

Also what does your armor have to do anything with pve content if you're a dps spec ? You're still going to get 2-shotted by a raidboss no matter if you're wearing plate or leather. But as somebody already pointed out it is way too early to tell which classes will be on top in MoP. Just try all the melee classes and pick what you like most.

Rogue is usually a bit simpler since you can adaquately create a decent "spell rotation" thing, since energy regenerates constantly, and you dont need to worry about going OOM, while locks are unable to maintain a spell rotation, unless they are heavy destruction, which isnt great until t5-t6 level. More information wow guide or buy mop gold news can be found at

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