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How To Level From 85 To 90 Fast In MoP ?


Mists of Pandaria is going to be released in 25 days. Before the coming of Mists, lots of players who have reached lvl85 want to know the quickest way to reach level cap in MoP. How to level from 85 to 90 fast in MoP ?


Step 1. Lvl 85-86
Turn in 25 (or whatever the reasonable amount of
wow gold may be) of daily quests and then speed running MoP 5 mans with guildies to avoid/get ahead of the massive crowd in the Jade Forest.


Step 2. Lvl 86-87
Every Krasarang Wilds quest worth doing. Krasarang Wilds seemed to be decently faster than VotFW but will hardly get you to 87.


Step 3. Lvl 87-89
Every Kun Lai Summit quest worth doing but even with rested and the guild perk, it won't bring you all the way to 88, at least not in it's current state.


Step 4. Lvl 89-90
Like Kun Lai Summit, Dread Wastes is the only option, but it will hardly get you to 90, assuming you're rested all the way and have the guild perk again. You also have to do the dailies there which means you might not want to turn in all 25 Cata dailies at the release at midnight.


Overall,dungeons with guildies will be the fastest way to get's a good way to do dungeon from 85-86 to avoid the crowd and because of how it scales at the lower levels and then quest from 86-90. Perhaps it is quicker to do 85-87 with dungeons and then the rest with quests. Maybe the best strategy is to simply dungeon all the way from 85-90. If you try step by step to level from 85 to 90 in Mists of Pandaria,you will be able to reach level cap in the fastest speed. If you have any other doubts in your attempts or want to know more wow mop news or buy wow mop gold, enter and you'll get want you want.

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