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  How And Where To Get Pandaren Mount In WoW ?


When we talk about Mists of Pandaria,most players will think about the pandaren mount. The only things we know about the Mists of Pandaria pandaren racial mount is that it hasn't been decided on yet publicly.How and where to get padaren mount in wow ? 
The pandaren mount is still being finalized and you need to buy wow gold to get it, so what you've heard (or seen) are just rumors at this point. Obviously we want the mount to be something awesome, which will take some time to perfect. In addition to the pandaren mount, expect to see a ton of new mounts in Mists of Pandaria.In fact, if any of the new creatures being added in the next expansion look up to the task, I'm sure the developers are looking for ways to throw a saddle on them so they can adventure through Azeroth with our heroes. 

Malchome over at mmo-report thinks that the pandaren mount should be a keg cart pulled by some sort of mule or yak that requires you to use wow gold to get it. Epic versions could be more intricate, much like the goblin trikes gain complexity as their quality increases. There is a wonderful little mock-up drawing of the keg cart in the post as well.
Personally, I believe the pandaren mount is going to be some sort of frog or amphibian. We don't have many of those types of creatures as mounts in WoW, and it gives the artists a chance to do some really cool ornamental graphics on some sort of creature. There is a Chinese symbol for prosperity called the Chan Chu, a three-legged frog creature that carries a coin in its mouth, that could be adopted to be the pandaren mount. Giant Chan Chu frogs might share the land with the pandaren, much like the kodo beasts roam the plains of Mulgore with the tauren.
Couldn't you easily see an epic armored frog bounding across the battlefield? He could toss his little coin as an idle animation. Plus, the mount is universal enough to allow all other races to ride them, much like the kodo, and could come in lots of colors and styles. His jump would obviously be awesome.
It's in Blizzard's nature to ruin everything they can.They ruined Worgen by taking away their awesome boar mounts and giving them the ridiculous looking Running Wild skill, so it's entirely likely they'll do the same in this case, complete with designing awesome mounts and then refusing to use them. If you have enough world of warcraft gold,you can get pandaren mount easily by buying pandaren mount in wow.If you are interested in more wow guides or buy safe wow gold news,you can check to get more you want there.


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