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  How Many Players Have WoW Lost Since 2012 ?


World of Warcraft subscribers changes from time to time.In 2012,it's reported that wow is losing more and more subscribers in the first two months.So many players who still play wow would like to know how many players have wow lost since 2012 and how many players quited buying wow gold online.Here lets figure it out.
World of Warcraft, the massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), lost around 300,000 players in the second quarter of the year. WoW was losing 6-7% of its player base per month US and EU regions in 2012 .

We can get those numbers from mmo-champion statistical survey data sample sizes. What Mmo-champion is trying to get is total number of DS boss kills so it WILL count every possible character it can from armory. So those numbers do represent total numbers of characters available from Armory. However it does take sometime after inactive characters are removed from armory. So drop we are seeing now did happen some months ago between those dates.
That is 0.8m less characters and -12.5% total characters. We can assume both players who did quit and are currently playing do have same amount of alts. So that 12.5% drop is also in subscribers. There are 54 days in between those surveys. less than 2 months
So it does mean WoW was losing roughly 7% of its player base per month in US and EU regions at the end of 2011. And now if you compare to official stats released by Blizzard in q4 report they say Wow lost only 100k subs. It does mean wow is gaining subs somewhere else. Most likely in China. And those accounts do not bring as much in as western accounts.
Mike Morhaime, the chief executive of Blizzard, said that the fall in numbers was partly seasonal and partly because many players were now good enough to complete new content quickly, reducing their playing time.He said that a new content Mists Of Pandaria update would tempt many players back to the game later this year.More information about wow news and wow gold news can be found at if you are interested in more.


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