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  What's The Cheapest Profession To Level In WoW Patch 4.3 ?


What's the cheapest profession to level in wow patch 4.3 ? In world of warcraft,the cheapest profession also means the profession which is easy to level and can make the most of money so that you don't need to buy wow gold online.In wow patch 4.3, here let's find out the cheapest profession to level up easily.

"Gathering" professions gather or harvest items from resources throughout the game world to supply ingredient materials ('mats') for crafting professions. Occasionally, these harvested items will be directly useful. The gathered materials can be sold in the auction house, unless binding on pickup prevents it.
If you define "cheap" as asked (stricktly) by the OP, I would say it's either Alchemy or Inscription since Alchemy right now takes less herbs but it has more flexibility in what herbs you have to buy (translation: one has to do his math on his server). But, Inscription is quite more expensive to level till 525 if you're in an hurry (but, if you're only looking for the BoP perks, this may not apply).
Most likely alchemy at the moment. Inscription used to be pretty cheap too, but at the moment glyphs require 3 ink and they're more expensive than they were in WotLK so it might be a lot more now.
The most profitable professions are Jewelcrafting and enchanting but alchemy gives a nice boost to JC as well.However, trying googling the question. Want to say wow-professions or another site can actually look at your servers AH for wow gold to estimate the cost of leveling various professions on you server.
In any case, I do agree with Aggrocrash: gathering professions are the cheapest ones to level, as long as you level them through gathering: it takes time, but then you get paid for your time investment (by selling the gathered goods.Alchemy and Inscription are cheapest, but neither will sell to well - problem is, people tend to sell glyphs from leveling very low, which makes then nigh worthless (some on my realm go for less than 1g) so either alch or inscrip one is fine.


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