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Know how to get wow gold and wow experience quickly in wow has a lot of advantages, so this article is about where to get wow gold and experience in wow in a short time.
What Makes the Ideal WoW Grind Location?
There are many different locations, practicing the WoW grind. Which one is best for you? The key is to kill fast and frequently.
In order to find the best locations, know what to look for. To begin with, search for creatures you can kill easily.
Next, respawn timer is very important. A minute of down time between the last kill and the first ripsaws is good. However, five minutes or more and you might do better elsewhere.
Also, consider the amount of gold you can earn from killing the mobs. Some players prefer to focus on creatures that actually drop coin, such as humanoids. Others prefer a little variety with their WoW grind. They search for creatures that drop a number of different items, with high chances to drop rare items that sell well on the auction house.
Group or No Group
It is really left up to personal opinion, and what creatures you are hunting. Some players prefer to WoW grind solo. You get everything that drops, including all rare or expensive items. The negative side to solo grinding is that you may take longer to kill the mobs and you are more limited as far as what you can hunt. A group, on the other hand, killing faster and provided a healer is present, will suffer fewer deaths. In this way, you can spend more of your play time enjoying other aspects of the game and less worrying about in-game finances.
Reasons to use WoW macros
--- You will increase your gaming speed. Macros will allow you to perform more combat abilities, or cast more spells in a less time
--- You will save quick bar slots, combining a few abilities in a macro, which will allow you to bring to your quick bar, useful abilities
--- You will be able to use all the pattern of abilities that with your character, which can only put you to a superior level as a player
--- In PvE or even PvP, your spell and skill rotations will always be complete
--- WoW macros allow you to maintain your crowd control on a target or multiple targets, if needed
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