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Play Another World of Warcraft Server for A Change

Do you feel boring play the wow in the same server and do you want to change a server and get more world of warcraft gold?

If you want this and which wow server you should choose?

Want player versus environment or Normal servers?

These types of servers do not allow PvP (player versus player) combat unless you choose to by "flagging PvP" by typing /PvP in the game. You can safely run around the game environment alongside the opposing faction and they can't harm you unless you choose to enable PVP by using the command, here you can get more warcraft gold than other server.

If you enter a battleground or the new world PVP zone and is going to be in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack, you can still be killed by the opposing faction easily, but as you run around doing quests and killing enemies you will not be bothered with a lot of wow gold.

Want RP or Role-Playing servers?

Those people who are keen on the role-play, they can choose RP servers. they have more strict rules for how they name their characters in this  kind of servers and they only talk about the things related to the game  unless they are in an "off-topic" channel.

But, the reason to choose a server is because your friends are also play the game there , you can talk and group game team with your friends. One thing you should know is you can't a PVP server to a PvP one, this rule stops the people level their character in a easy server to get much experience , then when he hit some high level and transfer for some other server to kill the one who is low than him, this is nor fair .

All the matters is what you want, in some server you can get much experience, and some may give you more wow gold , some may train your skill, it all depends on you.

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