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How to Grind For Useful Items in World of Warcaft Patch 6.1

Grinding in World of Warcraft is good for leveling up and for getting lots of wow gold or loot. It is something every wow players is forced to do at one time or another, even if only doing the quests.

Many players and world of warcraft gold farmers just go to tyr's hand and at the peak you can probably make anywhere from 5-20g an hour depending on your class. This is horridly inefficent. Being there almost assumes your level 60 and you have to group unless your a good solo class and even then expect a couple wipes.

Suppose your are a Hunter and you want that Dwarven Hand Cannon like no tomorrow, so you spend weeks on end grinding in tyr's hand to make up enough coin to buy one, and then waiting around hand hoping you have enough coin when someone does put one up. Grinding for items is much more effiencent. An end-game world drop purple item goes for around 500-1000g. It signifantly easier to farm for Epic items rather then go for raw coin.

WoW epic items are among the most sought after goods for the game but they can be very expensive as well in terms of wow gold whether you sell or buy them. Most of the epic items in the game can cost 1,000 gold in auctions, depending on its rarity and usefulness.

You get an epic item you don't want sell it for 500-1000g and bam your up 500-1000g, while getting a purple item might take you two weeks, one has to drop sometime and you'll probably accumlate a lot of blue/greens by then. And one could drop on the second mob in Tyr's hand or hearthglen, the coindrop is solid (8s-20s) and it will take you months regardless to get up to that 1000g quota.

One rule about grinding is to always remain efficient. The whole idea of a good grinding spot is one with easily-killed, dumb, monsters that give decent experience. Grinding is not about getting insane amounts of XP, nor struggling through elite monsters. It is all about creating a steady, constant, unstopping killing speed. Never accept any stop and go patterns, they'll kill your efficiency and increase your annoyance.

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