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how many people are playing world of warcraft Aug. 2013

The title pretty much says it all. I am started to play WoW again after the release of Cataclysm, and i was wondering about how many people play WoW on a rough estimate if anybody knows. How many people are playing world of warcraft Aug. 2013?

World of Warcraft currently sits at around 10 million subscriptions, while Star Wars: The Old Republic is sat at approximately 1.7 million. These numbers are typically meaningful to those constructing arguments around them (subjective use of the numbers, of course), but it doesn’t say how many people are actually playing the game.

If I'm not mistaken tho, 11.4 million doesn't include all the players from China, since they have their own game designed by the governement or something like that. And I heard ALOT of people play WoW in China. One thing people need to realize is that WoW doesnt have the biggest population of any MMO, they are the highest SUB BASED MMO population on the market, but there's some asian MMO that has over 35million active members, forgot the name though. So if there are as you say 11 million accounts and 8 million players, does that not mean 3 million people have multiple accounts. Why would 3 million people need multiple accounts. That is a lot of multitaskers and gold farmers..or whatever.Most people are well aware of the various pay-to-win MMOs (the one you're thinking of is probably Maple Story) out there. They just don't get brought up because both sides of this argument tend to hate them equally.

Without the actual numbers ANY guess is meaningless. Also, how do you define Active Players? For example, on Tuesdays during a patch cycle with a full server reset, one could make the argument that WOW has ZERO active players. I for example, have on level 85 toon and maybe login and play once a month. I pay for the account. I play less than frequently, but I would consider myself an active player. I also suspect that most people are not stupid and leave an auto bill pay on their WOW account for months at a time without 1) logging in or 2) realizing it and stopping the charges. I would probably consider anyone that logs in during a payment term an active player -- making the number more than likely MUCH higher than you would postulate.

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