How to Safely Buy WOW Gold Without Getting Banned ?

How to safely buy wow gold without getting banned? It’s frequently asked by players who plan to buy world of warcraft gold from online suppliers. Actually, the chance of account getting banned is very low, just pay attention to details during transaction. Following are some advices for you.

Compare WOW Gold Price with Market Average Price

BuyWowGoldUS provide you cheap wow gold. We adjust our price from time to time based on market change so that we can provide you cheaper wow gold than other sites. But if wow gold price on the site is much lower than average market price, you should be careful, the wow gold might be hacked gold, buying it will probably cause account banned.

Choose Secure Delivery Modes

BuyWowGoldUS adopted secure delivery modes in game. Namely, face-to-face delivery in game and in-game emails, which are safe and convenient delivery methods.

Avoid Buying WOW Gold Too Much One Time

BuyWowGoldUS have abundant world of warcraft gold for sale. Whenever you need wow gold badly, remember not to buy too much gold at one time. Because big currency flow is more likely to draw blizzard’s attention, thus put your world of warcraft account in danger.

Beware of Cheating In Game

BuyWowGoldUS will never ask for return the wow gold once delivered. So DO NOT return the gold to anyone once they have been traded for the security of your currency. You should also avoid using such worlds, like buy wow gold, Paypal, etc when trading with delivery guy, because there are sensitive words and phrases that may cause banned.

Shared with you all tips above, hope you can buy cheap world of warcraft gold safely online with any trouble. Any time you need wow gold, just contact BuyWowGoldUS for help. We guarantee you a fast delivery within 15-29 minutes. Come on!


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Want fast world of warcraft gold buying site to get enough cheap wow gold? I guess the most annoying thing would be that you are not allowed to enjoy the game to its core content while some high level players can. In this case, just buy enough cheap wow gold pay with western union get 3% discount, thus you can buy mighty weapons and reach high level in WoW quickly.

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You must be annoyed by long time waiting. Here BuyWowGoldUS, with years of experience in providing wow gold, we guarantee wow gold instant delivery within 15-29 minutes. We have professional delivery modes, namely, delivery in game and in-game emails. Just choose your server and complete your order information required, then wow gold is on the way!

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Buying wow gold online may be easy, but find a best site is not a easy thing. Whenever you need cheap wow gold, just come to our site. We have various payment methods to meet all your needs, come on!


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Buy WoW Gold And Reputation Gain Changes In MoP 2013

It seems so many changes of world of warcraft, and the wow gold 2013 services. One change that’s arrived with the latest patch 5.2 notes is one that has to deal with bonus reputation. Players have stated how grinding and repetitive the reputation can be. A suggestion that was offered was to bring back reputation tabards so players could continue to earn reputation while participating in dungeons. This would offer players two methods to earn reputation: Dailies and dungeons. Blizzard disagreed they didn’t want players to double dip as dungeons already reward loot from bosses along with valor points. The developers mentioned sometime back in December that they were planning a way to include bonus reputation through dungeons. Buy wow gold with fast delivery! Wow MOP gold is just a click away! Large amount of Wow Gold in stock on US server!A suggestion was brought up by our own Matthew Rossi where players could represent a faction for a limited timeBuy WoW Gold And Reputation Gain Changes In MoP 2013

That looks like the compromise solution we were looking for: You can now earn bonus reputation for your first dungeon and scenario of the day. You can select which reputation you choose to champion by selecting it from the reputation panel on the character screen. When you queue for a dungeon or scenario, the UI will remind you which reputation you are championing and allow you to change the reputation from there. (You cannot change that reputation once you are in the dungeon or scenario.)

The UI has changed so that the Reputation panel in the character screen displays which reputation they have purchased Grand Commendations for. That’s great for people like me who’ve accidentally purchased the same reputation commendation twice.

It is interlocked in such a way that as you gain reputation, the rep grind actually. How about it guys? What do you think of this alternative way to earn reputation? You can still knock out your dailies but between the commendations and the bonus reputation from dailies, I wager you’ll be able to hit Exalted at a nice rate. Buy WoW Gold with Cheap Price every day! World of Warcraft Gold Fast Delivery is here for you 24 hours a day!


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More and more people are playing and becoming addicted to World of Warcraft. And why wouldn’t they, it is a great game! But we know that people are very busy and that getting to the level they want in the game can be very time consuming. If that is the case, thenbuying wow gold from to fulfill your character maybe the best option!

We know that account security is of paramount importance to our customers. That’s why we have put together the following tips to ensure that you can buy World of Warcraft gold from us more safely and securely than before.

Tip 1: Never give your wow gold back after you received it.

We will never contact you in the game after trading. If anyone wisper you and asks for your gold after you have received it, don’t give it to them. They are definitely trying to scam you. Remember that will never ask for the gold back at any time for any reason!

Tip 2: Never believe scammers who pretend to be Blizzard

Some scammers just pretends to be from Blizzard to scam your World of Warcraft gold or items, don’t believe them. Blizzard never pretend to their players, so you don’t worry about it and don’t give your  gold or items you received to them at any time.

Tip 3: Never give your account name and password to anyone during the delivery.

Our 24/7 online live help is the only safe place to deal with your orders. We never ask for the account information for your gold order. Anyone asking for your account name and password is with 100% certainty a scammer, so never give it to them. will always strive on our goal to make sure that our customers get the best gaming experience from us. Hope you can enjoy your wow gold buying process with confidence here!

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The Golden Time To Stock Wow Gold For Mists of Pandaria 2012

The Golden Time To Stock Wow Gold For Mists of Pandaria 2012

wow gold us  wow gold eu

Blizzard officials announced that world of warcraft: Mists of Pandaria starting ceremony will live global through YouTube. The game will be listed on September 25th, this ceremony is specially prepared for the European players who can’t attend to the ceremony, and the time will be 21:30 in British standard time. The market of wow gold will welcome a hot selling season; take the final chance to get cheap wow gold on .


Blizzard says world of warcraft players has 9.1 million until August in this year. World of warcraft is named by the Guinness “the most massively multiplayer online role-playing users game”. This new version scene and monster design will be rich in Chinese elements, and the new race panda people will also debut. And this successful is result for the development team often listen and take the advices from players, such the recently problem about the thief’s skill visual effect, many players complain that is too simplicity, need something stronger than bubbles, the development team also give quick reflect to this problem, and will adjust in the future update patch.


According to the September 21th news, the world of warcraft website release the Mists of Pandaria T14 suit official version, 11 professional positive, profile all present, let players find everything new and fresh. It is reported, this is first suit that can be get in Mists of Pandaria, and the items level for 496. And many players already know about the new mounts of tiger, dragon and leopard from the testing information. Some media also interview the development team, they said the update 5.1 patch will soon launched after the MOP online, more awesome items will arrive in quick succession. Every time when people exciting about the new fantasy items in game, they should remember check their pocket to see if there have enough wow gold, otherwise, they can only stand and watch others to have those items, so be a rich man in MOP is a very important thing.


Even in the virtual game, the rule of survival of the fittest also exists. If player have more wow gold and richer than others, he can get more rights of priority without doubt. Particular for the coming MOP, the person who can afford more new items in game, he can experience the new fresh elements advanced. So visit to stock more wow gold, don’t lose the advantages for your game!

What’s The Best Way To Make Gold From Mining In WoW MoP ?

Mining profession is being recognized as one of the most money making profession in world of warcraft. To make most world of warcraft gold, you should check which ores are the most expensive. It’s a good idea to focus on the ones that have highest price and/or lowest quantity available. What’s the best way to make gold from mining in wow MOP ?

Best route to farm Ghost Iron
Circling around the borders of the starting zones has always been the best way to obtain all ores. Some people skip the starting zone entirely and proceed to the second zone and mine there instead. This way they get to be the only person in the zone for a while, unless someone else thinks the same way.Because I was not lucky enough to get access, I can’t provide you with the best route to farm Ghost Iron or Trillium, yet! However, I will create a new post just for mining these new ores, and provide the best route to follow once MOP is live.

Ore and Trillium Ore
It’s always as simple to make gold with mining as it is with herbalism. All a miner has to do is find the right zone, research where the mining deposits spawn and follow the route that goes through most of these nodes. You cannot use your flying mount right when entering Pandaria, so the mining experience will be of that from vanilla wow. Lots of running around, only to find out that someone else got to the Ghost Iron deposit before you did. And if you’re lucky, it’s not a player from the opposing faction!

Selling & Smelting Ghost Iron Bars
Once you have bags full of Ghost Iron or Trillium Ores, it’s time to sell them and make a killing! Many people make the mistake here and dump the ore as it is in the auction house.Jewelcrafters that are aware of how to make gold with their profession are ready to pay thousands of wow gold for a few stacks of raw ores.

The above are the best way to make gold from mining in wow MoP. More information about wow guides or buy cheap wow gold news can be found at .


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So, let’s discuss the page layout of the website itself. Buywowgoldus scores well in this area; too many gold sellers have confusing or frustrating layouts, but Buywowgoldus is clean and easy to navigate. Not a major deal, but it does make shopping on the site more pleasant.

How about gold supplies or availability? A good site to buy wow gold cheap needs to keep their gold supplies high, or else buying from them is impossible; you can’t buy what they don’t have. Buywowgoldus is possibly the best about this, by virtue of being such a large site-they have tons of suppliers on all servers, so running out isn’t very likely.

Finally let’s discuss price. Now, any site that can be considered a good site to buy wow gold cheap is going to have similar pricing, and Buywowgoldus is definitely one of those. That said, Buywowgoldus actually tends to be a hair cheaper than the competition. Of course, to get the absolute best deals you’ll have to shop around for specials and sales, but as a general rule of thumb Buywowgoldus will be the safest among the big sites.


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Which Creatures Drop Spirit Of Harmony In MoP ?

In Pandaria, mobs will often drop Mote of Harmony. When you have 10 such items, you can combine them into a Spirit of Harmony. The problem with this item and wow gold is that reading the tooltip does not really give you much information. Which creatures drop spirit of harmony in MOP ? Here will tell you the creatures which drop spirit of harmony in MOP.

1. Spirits of Harmony can be used as a currency to buy crafting recipes for Tailoring and Blacksmithing. We have yet to confirm this for other professions, although we can say for sure that there are no Jewelcrafting and Engineering recipes that you can buy with Spirits of Harmony.

2. Spirits of Harmony can be used as tokens that you can redeem for crafting materials of your choice at your faction’s Spirit of Harmony Vendor. For Alliance players, Krystel is located on the terrace of the Shrine of the Seven Stars (the Alliance capital city in Pandaria). For Horde players, Danky is located on the terrace of the Shrine of the Two Moons.

3. We want crafters to be out in the world adventuring instead of camping out in front of an auctioneer including the possibility of allowing Spirits of Harmony to be Bind to Account in wow patch 5.2 .

Here is the list of crafting materials you can obtain in exchange of 1 Spirit of Harmony:
1x  Ironpaw Token: this is a token that you can turn in to Nam Ironpaw at Halfhill Market for Cooking ingredients;
1x Restored Artifacts: this is a token that you can turn in to Brann Bronzebeard or Tan Shin Tiao at the Seat of Knowledge for Archeology goodies;
1x  Starlight Ink: used for Inscription;
20x  Windwool Cloth: used for Tailoring and First Aid;
20x  Ghost Iron Ore: can be smelted into  Ghost Iron Bar and prospected by Jewelcrafters (requires a skill of 500);
20x  Kyparite: used for Blacksmithing and Engineering, and can be prospected by Jewelcrafters (requires a skill of 550);
5x  Black Trillium Ore: can be smelted into Trillium Bar and prospected by Jewelcrafters (requires a skill of 600);
5x  White Trillium Ore: can be smelted into Trillium Bar and prospected by Jewelcrafters (requires a skill of 600);
20x  Exotic Leather: used for Leatherworking;
20x  Prismatic Scale: used for Leatherworking;
1x  Serpent’s Eye: used by Jewelcrafters to create their profession-specific gems.
1x  Pandaria Herbs: this bag contains at least 20 herbs from Pandaria that you can use for Alchemy;


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Safe Way To Purchase WoW Gold Patch 5.2 In 2013

After the new year of 2013, Blizzard will soon issue the patch 5.2. Are you looking for a choice to get safe WoW gold ? If that is the case, probably this may be an ideal article for you personally. In the event you are the right tips & rules, you also can pick to receive the gold free. There’s plenty of individuals who use simple methods for getting WoW gold then

sell it for the players. Most of them use different methods for making funds. You could do by playing wow. However, you will have the right skills & practices for making WoW gold. There’s plenty of efficient methods for locating gold in the game. In the event you know these methods, there won’t be any finish to make funds through the game. Safe Way ToPurchase WoW Gold Patch 5.2 In 2013

As you can get virtual gold basically online, you can save your time & funds both. With the help of this gold, you can start playing the general game & make funds from it. However, when you are looking for an option to gain access to the gold, make definite you are looking for cheap possibilities on the market. Because this method is earning a massive popularity between your players, the number of people looking for these options is also increasing. For this reason, there’s plenty of sites in addition to guides available on the market that may provide you complete information on getting rich online. Gold guide can also provide you various tips & techniques that can help you to definitely make cheap Wow gold online.

When you are looking online for gold guide, factors to think about it is genuine & supply you effective tips. Most of the sites will also help you to have online conference using the specialists along with other players for sharing your experiences.

Recently there are lots of news reported about wow patch 5.2. These guides will even supply you plenty of gold making tips, which will enable you to get going. Buy WoW gold is not a simple task. Therefore, you ought to make definite you have proper practice & skills prior to getting in to the gold making spree. However, as mentioned above, you ought to have proper practice for playing the game.


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